Well . . . it’s been a long time

The problem with having a family and a real job is that you have to care for them more than for the nebulous crowd of readers in my imagination, but spreadsheets are complete, budgets are filled in, and things are humming.  At work.  Still working out that whole being a good husband and dad thing.

I figure it’s like sitting in lotus when I was doing yoga a decade ago. For some this looks easy, but you gotta give me a few decades.

2 thoughts on “Well . . . it’s been a long time

  1. Daniel, it is great – and Grace – to see a post by you. I’ve always enjoyed your writing

    I can appreciate the lack of time for writing in this form. Ministry is pretty much full time thing and when you add family to it. Every minute is precious. I have the luxury of living in a monastery which, while it’s busy enough, is set up to promote time for reflection. So I just want to take time to thank you.
    I’m glad to know you are well and still writing.
    The Lord bless+

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